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Pieta is the owner of ‘Perth Happenings’ which is a popular community page that specialises in (you guessed it) whats happening in Perth. Her audience is majority Perth based making it very beneficial for any local brand or event to use Pieta and her audience. Pieta is fun and will advertise your brand in an authentic way that gets engagement from her audience.

Working with Brands such as: - City Of Perth - Adventure World - HBF

Social Statistics & Audience Demographic

Following Engagement Rate (ER) Age Range Following Base*
36.4k 0.98% 25-34 Female

Audience Interests
Restaurants, Food & Grocery 55%
Fitness & Yoga 52%
Art & Design 52%

  • Please note, not 100% of the following base is one gender. Please be aware that this is the majority of the following. This is determined over 51.01% of the audience.