The Influencer Agency prepares for 2018.

It’s a new year, and it’s important to stop and reflect. Since our launch last September, TIA has welcomed over 50 of WA’s leading digital influencers and engaged and delivered projects for 8 clients.  

Introducing the TIA model was led by a desire to create a service for WA brands providing a connection point to a modern form of media that effectively delivers a message. Driven by a local and strategic approach, TIA aims to guide clients in navigating the social space and identify the points to leverage for communication.

For many WA businesses, identifying the communications mix is becoming more difficult. Smaller budgets, limited resources and a media market that rapidly changes all pose a challenge to today’s marketers. TIA provides an integrated and inexpensive approach to effective communication, enabling businesses to optimise their media spend and effectively reach their desired audiences.

As an example, TIA’s work for 140Perth engaged twelve influencers and reached an audience of 280,000 generating 12,500 direct engagement points, within one week of a three-week campaign.

Others that have engaged and enjoyed seeing results, include Webb & Brown-Neaves, Otherside Brewing Co. and Lakeside Joondalup.

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