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Jesse is a Plant Based ambassador who often models and shares her vegan journey with her audience. Calling herself ‘Vegan Wolf Mama’ her audience are very interested in what Jesse has to say about different products that are authentic to her. Have a product that needs more reach from the Vegan community? Jesse is defiantly your gal.

Working with Brands such as: - USA Hemp - Tibbs & Bones - Ayja

Social Statistics & Audience Demographic

Following Engagement Rate (ER) Age Range Following Base*
72.1 K 5.15% 25-45 Female

Audience Interests
Music 58%
Fitness & Yoga 52%
Travel & Tourism 52%

  • Please note, not 100% of the following base is one gender. Please be aware that this is the majority of the following. This is determined over 51.01% of the audience.