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Brendan is an former contestant on the hit reality TV show Master Chef Australia 2018. After being on the show, he has gain attention for his talented cooking skills and posting about his Lifestyle in Perth. His audience have stayed loyal to Brendan after the show and continue to follow him and his journey

Working with Brands and Workshops Including:
- Kitchen Ware House
- Foodbank Australia

Social Statistics & Audience Demographic

Following Engagement Rate (ER) Age Range Following Base*
54.6K 3.9% 18-34 Female

Average Likes: 2k

Audience Interests
Restaurants, Food & Grocery 69%
Art & Design 51%
Beauty & Fashion 49%

  • Please note, not 100% of the following base is one gender. Please be aware that this is the majority of the following. This is determined over 51.01% of the audience.