11 April 2019



July 19, 2017

Take out your phone and scroll to your latest Instagram pic. What is it…a fire mirror selfie, lame food pic, your cute puppa?

Imagine that photo being seen by over 60, 000 followers. Well, that’s just a day in the life of Insta famous, Perth YouTuber Zak Hasleby. Entertaining over 10, 000 subscribers with his artistic holiday vlogs and festival after movies, Zak has made a name for himself in the online sphere.

His Instagram photos take you to a place you’d much rather be than your couch. Recording his travel adventures and everyday escapades his Instagram is a refined, grungey gallery of grainy sunsets, sweaty summer concerts and clean lines of the environment both natural and created. We had a chance to chat with Zak ahead of his appearance at Colosoul Con on July 22nd to chat about inspirations and what’s next for this rule breaking content creator.

Tell us a little about yourself…
My name is Zak, I was Born in a town called Northampton (600km North of Perth) and lived on a wax flower farm with my family until I finished School. I moved to Perth after that for more opportunities… and better cell service!

What inspired you to start photography and making videos?
I started making videos in 2015. Growing up I was very isolated and never really used YouTube to watch videos but always had a hobby for creating videos or just going out and photographing. I had a gap year were my best friend and I went backpacking around Australia and just lived a little. It was a fun adventure and it’s where I started to do little updates on Instagram on how it was going.

When we finally made it to Adelaide I was contacted by the Adelaide newspaper to do a photo shoot as it was recommended by Blue Planet that Adelaide had become the #1 most vibrant city for backpackers to travel to. The photo ended up making the front page and the image was in Blue Planets Australia guide. I then started to build it as a blog posting every day about what I was doing. I started to get a lot of followers and got recommended to start up a YouTube channel where I could express myself more.

How did you start your YouTube and Instagram, and what keeps you going since starting your channel?
I had built a fan base on my Instagram and a lot of people wanted more from me. I was suggested to just do a Q and A and just answer a few questions that people had sent in. I really enjoyed connecting with my audience this way and decided to continue posting content. What kept me going was the fan base I had connected with and the messages from people who just simply admitted they got a smile from watching my videos.

What tech do you use to create your awesome vids?
I use a Nikon D7200 with a 35-55mm lens for filming and my photography. Most my images on Instagram though are just from my iPhone.

What was the best / worst advice you have received?
The best advice; ‘Do it for yourself, not for everyone else’ and the worst; ‘Here is a shot of tequila, everyone has already had theirs’.

What are some struggles you face with vlogging and constantly creating visual content?
Besides being awkward in public with a camera to your face, I think just finding the time to make better content. I want to upload as much as I can but I also want it to be good quality.

How do you stay on top of your workload?
I don’t, I procrastinate a lot! I have never had a set upload day and my fan base know that. It’s more of a surprise for them when they get the notification.

Why is networking beneficial in the social media world?
Meeting so many awesome people, I have been able to call so many people my friends. Just getting amazing opportunities to be involved in new things.

What can we expect from you in the future?
More content. I honestly have no idea, keep watching and I am sure you’ll find out.

Where can people find you?
Find me on Instagram: @zakhaslebyadventures, Twitter: @zakhasleby and Youtube: @zakhasleby.

Zak will be at Colosoul Con Perth indie film festival and local supernova on 22/7/17, tickets are still available: https://weare.colosoul.com.au/colosoul-con-2017/